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14 Best Places to Get Married in Tuscany

Are you looking for a place to get married in Italy? If you like the sea, surely the Amalfi Coast is right for you. If, on the other hand, you love tranquility and prefer greenery, Tuscany with its famous hills is right for you.

In many years of work as an italian wedding videographer, I have had the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful places in Tuscany. For this reason I decided to create a long article listing some of these places. In this way you will be able to find inspiration to finally realize your wedding in Tuscany.

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Lazy Olive Villa

Podere Finerri (Lazy Olive Villa) is a 1700’s farmhouse with breathtaking views over the Siena rolling hills, surrounded by fields of wheat and olive groves. Finerri’s olive grove produces organic olive oil, the organic vegetable garden sources incredible fresh produce.

wedding table setting lazy olive villa, tuscany

It is peaceful, well restored and furnished with antiques, located 30min from Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, 1h20 from Florence. The Villa is divided into 5 apartments, each one with private entrance and outside area with pergola, table to enjoy meals outside and deckchairs to read a book contemplating the view.

The infinity pool overlooks miles of countryside, all the way to Siena. The proprietors live on site and are Daniela, an Italian architect, and Malcolm an art historian and chef from New Zealand.

If you don’t want a formal wedding but dream of an intimate ceremony in the company of your close family and friends;

if you can see your wedding taking place in an organic Tuscan farmstay venue. A 1700’s farmhouse with incredible views over the Siena rolling hills and amazing Italian food, also knowing that most of the fresh ingredients are sourced from the farm;

if you care for detail with a bohemian, rustic chic touch;

if you are thinking of a family-style dinner in a garden nestled amid the olive trees, under a canopy of fairy lights and then dancing under the stars;

if you are dreaming of an intensely romantic wedding, truly magic, of raw emotions, poetic simplicity, The Lazy Olive will be more than happy to make it come true!

That’s what the Lazy Olive Villa website says. I can only confirm that all of this is absolutely true!

Borgo Stomennano

The tiny village Borgo of Stomennano was built on ancient ruins that are visible to this day, and it is indeed as a Roman outpost that it first appears in written records dating back to 1059. 

The name Stomennano may be of Etruscan origin, but it most probably derives from the latin “strumentum” of “pacis” after peace treaties stipulated between the local population and the Romans invasors.

This location is located in Chianti Classico, 10 km away from Siena and 60 Km from Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, a perfect place for an ideal wedding.

You can choose to have the ceremony in the Italian garden, move up for the cocktail overviewing the sunset on top of Monteriggioni and than enjoy a graceful and elegant dinner set under fairy lights hanging from the trees. It’s time to cut the cake and start the dance, what could be better than by the infinity pool facing the vineyards and rolling hills?

aerial view of monteriggioni, tuscany

In Borgo Stomennano you can dance by the pool area until midnight then move into the Granary for a never ending night.

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Castello di Modanella

Immersed in the green woods of the Sienese hills, halfway between the art cities of Siena and Arezzo, stands the Castello di Modanella built in the 12th century. from the noble Cacciaconti family and later home to the equally noble Piccolomini family, it is now the seat of the 630-hectare farm of the same name. 

aerial view of castello di modanella

The entire complex has been refurbished and comprises 46 apartments. Some housing units have been obtained from the towers adjacent to the Castle, the others from the farmhouses that have suggestive names linked to their peasant origins: Vignacce, Forcone, Voliere, Casina di Modanella, Sanità and Montagna.

In the village, next to the castle, there is the seventeenth-century church of San Giovanni. This beautiful country church can hold 80 people seated and about 20 standing. 

Church of castello di modanella

After the wedding celebration, the bride and groom and guests can access the castle through the beautiful avenue of cypresses which leads to the garden perhaps set up for an aperitif and hors d’oeuvres.

In conclusion I can say that the Modanella castle is a really nice place especially for making beautiful shots with the drone.

Castello di Ristonchi

Castello di Ristonchi is a historic castle wedding venue located in Florence, Italy. Situated on top of a Tuscan mountain, this venue is enveloped by lush Italian forests and olive groves. Castello di Ristonchi offers a number of event spaces for couples to choose from, as well as on-site overnight accommodation. Located just under 19 miles away from Florence, this location allows for a variety of tourism opportunities, both on and off its property.

aerial view of castello di ristonchi

Surrounded by Italy’s picturesque natural landscape and heavily influenced by its local culture, this venue is sure to set the stage for an unforgettable occasion.

Over 1,000 years old, Ristonchi Castle boasts a rich history alongside a peaceful rolling landscape. A sanctified chapel sets the stage for the exchange of traditional vows, while a number of terraced and green outdoor spaces provide additional ceremony locations. Suitable for families, this venue also features an outdoor playground and swimming pool.

Guests can opt for organized on-site activities that appeal to a variety of tastes, from the adventurous to the rejuvenating. For reception celebrations, a cave-turned-dancehall located on the property acts as the perfect party spot. Guests can dance all night long in this historic structure, underneath its arched roofing and a glittering disco ball.

Other notable features of the property include get-ready suites, pet-friendly areas, and available guest parking. At Castello di Ristonchi, couples will find an Italian escape that is capable of hosting all of their wedding events in one place.

The castle of ristonchi was also mentioned by Forbes in this article: 8 Luxury Wedding Destinations With Divine Chapels

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Borgo Pignano

Deep in the heart of historic Tuscany lies an enchanting haven of peace and tranquillity. At Borgo Pignano you will discover an estate surrounded by 750 acres of unspoiled nature and a finely restored medieval village offering an exclusive combination of elegant accommodation, exceptional comfort and warm hospitality. 

aerial view of borgo pignano, tuscany

Here you can immerse yourself in the beauty of an uncontaminated natural environment and savor the most authentic Tuscany. It’s a very peaceful place to make a great video of your event.

Borgo Pignano, with its atmospheric interiors and large, spectacular open spaces, is perfect for hosting weddings or elopement.

The eighteenth-century villa, the maisonettes, the cottages, the La Fonte farmhouse and the adjacent structures such as the restaurants and swimming pools can be rented for exclusive use.

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Certosa di Pontignano

You have probably seen the video that is featured on my homepage. Well, that wedding video was created in the Certosa di Pontignano.

The Certosa di Pontignano is not the oldest in the Sienese area, but certainly the most interesting from an artistic point of view and the only one that has kept its original appearance.

aerial view of church near certosa di pontignano

All around, the Chianti appears in its less harsh features, and the countryside enters the Certosa transforming itself into gardens, just as the air enters the building with the porticoes of the three beautiful cloisters, and one experiences that harmony which was the basis of the life of the Carthusians.

As soon as you pass the entrance arch, you enter the Renaissance cloister, with a lovely well in the centre. A little further on, there is a smaller fifteenth-century cloister, next to which are the Italian gardens, added in the eighteenth century, with a laurel tunnel leading to the botanical garden. 

You then enter the grandiose Chiostro delle Celle, with its immense grassy lawn where aperitifs are usually made after the wedding.

If you are looking for a spiritual place, the Certosa of Pontignano could be the right place for you.

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Abbazia di San Galgano

Just three words: WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE!

Probably the Abbey of San Galgano is the most beautiful thing you will ever see in Tuscany. Getting married in the ruins of a church, where if you look up you can see the sky, I can assure you it’s a truly fantastic experience.

aerial view of abbey of san galgano

The spectacular remains of the ancient Abbey of San Galgano, a fascinating and evocative place that was the site of one of the most important monasteries in Tuscany. The noble knight Galgano Guidotti, after giving up his life of comfort and wealth, took the Cistercian habit and decided to have a chapel erected on Mount Siepi, where in 1180 he chose to die as a hermit.

Subsequently the Cistercian monks built an oratory and a building in honor of the monk, who became a saint. Thus was born the Abbey of San Galgano, a splendid monastery, considered today one of the most evocative and prestigious examples of Gothic-Cistercian architecture in Italy. In 1300 the abbey was devastated by the troops led by Giovanni Acuto and in 1400 the period of decline began, which then culminated in the decision to abolish the monastic orders.

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Villa Vignamaggio

After thirty years of lying dormant, Il Borgo di Vignamaggio has been given a new lease of life, lovingly and meticulously restored to its original splendor. Today, Il Borgo is a unique hamlet, an exclusive meeting place characterized by a fresh and poetic décor. 

aerial view of borgo pignano

The XIVth century villa comprises thirteen suites, a 144-seat theater, a charming chapel with original frescos, four multifunctional event rooms, a sleepover event room with eight beds, a ballroom, and a separate dancing room with a bar. 

Plus, a barbershop and a retail store where we sell estate-made products. The stunning glass Greenhouse, which connects to the main buildings, hosts an abundance of plants with panoramic views over the valley, featuring ancient cypress trees, century-old olive groves and vineyards. 

bride in villa vignamaggio

Outside is an expansive heated pool, with breathtaking 360-degree views across the estate. These elegant rooms will also play host to private events, concerts, top-tier weddings, team building and corporate seminars. 

Il Borgo di Vignamaggio offers a versatile approach to any event – where everything is possible. The events team will take care of all your creative ideas, with impeccable service and the utmost attention to the smallest details of the event. They have vast experience and passion in planning weddings and are capable of turning your dreams into reality.

Quercia al Poggio

This old building from the eighteenth century, planted atop a hill and flooded by the sun of Tuscany, offers visitors the warmth of the old stones. Lined with cypress melancholy, it spreads its terraced gardens offer the opportunity to browse the many trails on foot, horseback or mountain bike. The pool invites relaxation, facing the beautiful landscape.

aerial viewo of quercia al poggio in tuscany

Scattered within the property, the apartments are comfortable and spacious, all have a beautiful view over the valley. Some apartments have a terrace or small private garden, ideal for reading or to enjoy a chianti, while enjoying the tranquility of the countryside.

table set up in the center of oak at the hillock

Quercia al Poggio enjoys the atmosphere of quiet, tranquility and peace that the ancient farmhouses that make up the rural village, former convent, of the Vallombrosan friars, are able to give to those who live there. A feature that makes the site perfect for hosting families with children.

The romantic nature of the place makes Quercia al Poggio the ideal place for weddings. Not only for the actual reception, but also for the videographic service which, taking advantage of the surrounding landscape and the most hidden and suggestive corners of the rural village, the true beating heart of Quercia al Poggio, will become the unique reportage of an unforgettable day.

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Hotel Monteverdi

Monteverdi is a rare boutique hotel experience that ignites your passions, awakens your curiosity and indulges your senses. It is the timeless Tuscany you dream about: Medieval hilltop village; no paved roads or sidewalks. Sweeping views of fields of gold and green, cypress trees and vineyards, Roman roads, watchtowers and walled cities.

aerial view of hotel monteverdi tuscany

Every experience at Monteverdi evokes pleasure and wonder. Concerts by world-class musicians and singers. Exhibits by international painters and sculptors. Lectures by renowned thinkers. Innovative farm-to-table cuisine paired with legendary wines of the region. 

All set against the backdrop of a quintessential Tuscan landscape, lush gardens, lingering green spaces and an infinity pool perfect for reading and reflection.

Monteverdi is a place like no other, a one-of-a-kind setting to enjoy a laugh with a soprano, an enlightening conversation with fellow travelers or profound silence.

Tenuta di Monaciano

The Estate of Monaciano is a little piece of paradise located among the Chianti Hills, the most famous part of Tuscany. Enter through a cypress-lined path to see miles of vineyards and olive groves, quite literally the fruit of their labor.

aerial view of tenuta di monaciano

In the heart of the estate, the 18th century villa is the crown jewel of Monaciano, and the true love of our brides. Newly restored to their former glory, double rooms, each with a private bathroom and entrance off of the gold marble staircase, give the Villa the capacity to house up to 25 people.

inside tenuta di monaciano

Located among the rolling hills of the estate are four country houses (Monacianello, Poggio, Cellolino and Piturnella), surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Each house has a different capacity, and depending on your guest list, you should be able to accomodate family and friends quite comfortably.

Borgo di Castelvecchio

The Borgo di Castelvecchio Team, the ideal partner for the organization of any event, always offers total availability to plan and above all solve every wish, relieving the bride and groom from all the organizational efforts. 

aerial  view of borgo di castelvecchio

Sheltered by a large Elm tree, in the center of the Piazzone, the heart of the Borgo, overlooks the terrace of the ancient Granary covered by a thick wisteria. Inside are two large halls with imposing beams, an essential shelter in the colder months. 

long street in borgo di castel vecchio

After the ceremony, the bride and groom reach a large nearby lawn with their guests, with a panoramic swimming pool suspended over wonderful sunsets, for a first toast and a colorful aperitif, before returning, guided by torches, to the Piazzone del Borgo, where, with a breathtaking scenography , between tables and umbrellas or illuminated gazebos, the wedding dinner will take place.

Castello la Leccia

A restored medieval village with an 11th-century castle, Castello La Leccia is set on a hill and offers an outdoor pool, free WiFi and a terrace overlooking the Tuscan countryside. Castellina in Chianti is 2 km away.

aerial view of castello la leccia

The Leccia’s rooms have a unique design and handmade furniture. Some of them feature original stucco work and four-poster beds.

beautiful spot in castello la leccia

The restaurant serves traditional Tuscan dishes and excellent local wines. The breakfast buffet includes sweet and savory products, including homemade cakes, Tuscan bread, fresh fruit, cheeses and cold cuts. The property organizes tastings of its own wine and olive oil.

Villa Petrolo

Villa Petrolo was built between the years 1700 and 1750 by the Arezzo architect and late Baroque sculptor, Massimiliano Soldani Benzi, as his residence. It has a large private park of over 1 hectare, a 6×12 m swimming pool, and a tennis court surrounded by age-old cypresses, at the exclusive disposal of the guests of the Villa.

aerial view of tenuta di monaciano

The furniture is mostly made up of antique furniture with antique and modern paintings, with attention to the smallest details.

wedding in tenuta di monaciano

Villa Petrolo is certainly the ideal place to celebrate your wedding day and create a fantastic photographic and videographic service.

Podere conti

Surrounded by olive groves, the farmhouse is immersed in the Tuscan countryside at the foot of the Apennines and offers splendid panoramic views of the Lunigiana.

aerial view of podere conti

Owned and run by an Italian/English couple, the 17th-century stone hamlet has been restored into a luxury rustic country-style hotel complete with bio-lake/swimming pool and restaurant and a choice of luxury self-catering apartments and luxury bedrooms double.

inside podere conti

​Set in 200 acres of land, Podere Conti offers a very private holiday location, ideal for hosting events, retreats or seminars.

With this article I hope I have helped you choose your best wedding location in Tuscany. After choosing your location, make sure you also choose an excellent photographer and a videographer to best tell the day of your wedding (or elopement).

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