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Hi! I am Francesco Corbisiero and have been working in the matrimonial field for ten years. I started as a wedding photographer, but in recent years I have decided to take a different and parallel path: the video. Working as a italian wedding videographer allows me to offer the couple a more realistic stories of their marriage. Influenced by my passion, street photography, the style of my wedding videos is reportage and documentary: My aim is to present the bride and the groom in a discreet but yet attentive and sensitive way, on the most beautiful day of their life! 
I want to 
capture emotions as true and genuine as possible, without artificial poses and forced constructions.

wedding videography italy | Abbey of Saint Galgano, tuscany

When I create I put my passion, my love. I release my soul, my heart into every story I tell.

wedding in saint galgano abbey
Play Video about wedding in saint galgano abbey
wedding video in saint galgano abbey
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wedding on isola del garda

An Intimate Wedding in Isola del Garda

The traditional music of a guitar, a violin and an accordion accompany the special day of a couple  who have decided to celebrate their love by immersing themselves in the magic of a bucolic landscape. Since time immemorial in literature

get married in tuscany

Why Get Married in Tuscany: 4 Reasons

Marriage is the most important day of one’s life, an indelible memory that remains etched forever in the mind and heart of those who live it. On that day everything must be extraordinary and perfect, with attention to the smallest



Why Italy is a great place for a wedding videography?

Italy is also known as “Bel Paese“.

With its works of art and monuments of the highest artistic value is a real open-air museum, a source of unforgettable memories for all those who come to make their wedding.

There is so much to enjoy, from the most famous art cities to the many little villages often little known but beautiful, from the beaches to the countryside, to the mountainous regions and lake areas.

To make a wedding video in Italy means not only to get in touch with its past, but also to live the present of an infinite variety of cultures, dialects, gastronomies, traditions now very different from each other, but united by their belonging to this wonderful and unique land.

Why should I film your wedding?

I am always around Italy to tell fantastic wedding movies, every time it is a new emotion to meet new people and tell their love story. I love to convey feelings through my wedding videos and for me it is a great pleasure when couples are happy with the work done.

I have three locations throughout Italy: Bologna, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. So for me it is very easy to move without problems. I am  italy wedding videographer and you can find my name on WEVA (The Worldwide Event Videographers Association).

Is your wedding in Italy by the sea or in the mountains? elegant and luxurious or a elopement with a few friends and family?

Write to me without any problem – I will be very happy to answer all your questions and give you directions on how to make your wedding day in Italy a very special day.

are you ready to relive the story of your wedding in Italy ?

The wedding video is the best way to tell all the best moments of your day. Entrusting the memories to a professional videographer is essential to have the best possible result. Watch my videos and let me know what you think, your feedback is really important to me!

“A wedding video helps you have a mini story of your wedding with the sound and movement, and is as important as wedding photographs. However, many couples these days consider videography an extravagance. Well, it is absolutely up to you whether you want to have a videographer or not.”

What do you think about my videos? Let's keep in touch!


Ready to answer to all of your questions and needs

Sure! You can request the price quotation by calling me or filling out the form. 

Absolutely not. The conclusion of a contract indicates first of all the professionalism of the videographer and at the same time protects the customer. Mine is a very synthetic contract with no small news.

The final product is divided in three parts:

  • Video trailer (from 2 to 4 minutes).
  • Film (from 10 to 15 minutes).
  • Extra videos (these are video clips in addition containing speeches, dances and other things).
However, nothing prevents you from extending your requests while signing the contract.

The payment is divided in three parts:

  • 30% to block the date with signing of the contract.
  • 30% fifteen days before the ceremony date.
  • 40% after checking the videos.
As soon as I receive the last payment, you can download the videos from my personal Google Drive.

Generally, not more than 90 working days, as written in the contract. However, in special cases, after agreements at the contractual stage, delivery times may be shortened.

The videos are delivered in digital format via my Google Drive. However, upon extra payment, you can request a usb pen box set on which you can keep a copy of the videos.
supporto fisico sul quale conservare copia dei video.

By contract I guarantee my presence, as well as that of my collaborators and assistants called for related services requested. 

For years so far, I have chosen not to charge for the drone as for a service apart, so it is already included in my basic package and there is no increase in price. This instrument will be used at my discretion, where there is needed. 

Generally, for the duration of the event until the cake cut. After that, I always try to stay at least an hour longer to catch some other interesting moments before leaving. However, it is possible to make me stay further. In that case I offer another package called “after party”. 

Yes, you can make some small changes to the video such as scene changes. It is not possible to change the music because the music is always chosen by the couple before starting the assembly phase. 

Is a wedding videographer worth it?

Booking a Wedding Videographer is important or perhaps more important than calling a wedding photographer. Too often video is overshadowed when it really shouldn’t be. 

The wedding video is something totally different from the photos, the latter unfortunately are immobile, still; video instead contains many more elements than a photo. A funny scene, an important speech, the voice of a mother… All elements that would be lost forever with just photography.

infinity terrace villa cimbrone
garden of villa cimbrone, ravello, italy

Why choose an Italian Wedding Videographer?

Choosing an Italian wedding videographer is important because working in that place he knows very well the best places to get married. A videographer from another country, would have several problems managing his work within the state. Knowing his native language, the Italian videographer has no problem communicating with local people, such as the staff or the wedding planner.

The local videographer also knows all the facilities, hotels and villas very well and this is another big plus. Plus he knows the locals and many of the managers of the various places to get married. This is by no means a factor to be overlooked.

What should the Wedding Videographer know?

After choosing your wedding videographer in Italy, there are some important things you should communicate to him. This way you make sure that everything goes smoothly and that there are no problems on your wedding day. Let’s see what they are:

Play Video
Play Video

wedding video in italy | isola del garda, lake garda

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

villa cimbrone, ravello, italy

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Italy?

The average cost of a wedding video throughout Italy, on average, ranges from € 1000 up to € 3000. It all depends on the request made for the wedding day.

The things that can affect the price are: the presence of multiple video operators, the use of the drone, travel expenses, total days of work.

How long does a typical Wedding Video last?

A Wedding Video can have different lengths. However, over the years, it has been understood that it is better to have a product that is not too long but is of the highest quality. 

So the length of a full wedding video generally ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. While the trailer is from 2 to 4 minutes. Many think that these durations are short, I guarantee you that it is not so … it is nice when you then want to see your wedding video in Italy many times.

villa cimbrone, ravello, italy
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