elopement in borgo pignano, tuscany
elopement in borgo pignano, tuscany

Elopement in Borgo Pignano: The promise of undying love in the heart of Tuscany

Tuscany: The perfect location for an elopement

In the heart of Tuscany, on the hills surrounding the landscape between Pisa and Siena, not far from Florence, here Borgo Pignano stands: an elegant luxury relais surrounded by nature and full of history.

aerial view of san gimignano near borgo pignano

Framed by the vineyards of Chianti, perched to over 500 meters above sea level, Borgo Pignano offers one of the most breathtaking views of the whole region. It definitely is the perfect location for a newly married couple and an amazing scenario for any videomaker!

An Italian village with a century-old history

The history of this place is incredibly old: already 2.500 years ago there were Etruscan settlements which are still visible nowadays. Borgo Pignano was built between the XII and the XIII century, when the first Romanesque church of Saint Bartolomeo and the hospital were built.

aerial view of borgo pignano in tuscany

In the XVII century Pignano was acquired by a rich and local family who made it a real village developed around their majestic mansion. This whole priceless heritage is still there and having the honor of telling it through my videos has been an unforgettable experience

The Borgo Pignano relais

The modern renovations, always attentive to the environment and to the preservation of the historical and landscape heritage, gave rise to an estate surrounded by 750 acres of land which combines elegant accommodations, comfort and leisure, giving the guests the opportunity to spend their time with several different activities like horse riding, painting lessons, cooking courses and wine tasting…  we are in the Chianti vineyards area, after all! One of the most famous wines in the world!

inside borgo pignano, tuscany

One of Borgo Pignano’s main goals is to keep the greatest quality standard, always respecting nature and the environment, with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. For all these reasons, the Borgo Pignano relais is running with 23 other luxury accommodation in Italy for the ‘Best for green practices & sustainability’ prize for the Condé Nast Johnansens’ Awards for Excellence 2023 in the Mediterranean area.

vows in tuscany

If you have the chance to book this wonderful location for your elopement, don’t forget to book a videographer too, so you will be able to relive these places every time you want!

Volterra: a gem in the Tuscan hills in heart of Italy

The great history of this place is strictly related to Volterra’s, an important Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance center nearby: a wealth of treasures of Italian cultural heritage, which can be enjoyed in the charming museums dedicated to Etruscan art, the great painters of Tuscan Renaissance and sacred art.

kiss with tuscany hills in background

Here, ancient history intertwines contemporary times: Volterra has often been depicted as the perfect set for many works of literature – one of the most famous being the romance novel by Gabriele D’Annunzio Forse che si, forse che no – and cinematography.

siena hills

This is not by chance: Tuscan countryside has been inspiring the imagination of artists, adventurers and lovers for centuries, coming there from far away to dive into this unspoiled nature, a perfect frame for beautiful stories and romantic dreams. Can you imagine the amazing videos you could shoot with a drone in such a gorgeous place?

Taylor and Travis’ elopement

Charmed by this setting both magic and bucolic, Taylor and Travis chose to exchange their wedding vows under the shade of cypress trees, surrounded by Tuscany hills. As Taylor says: “It makes a lot of sense that the place we are celebrating our union in is as beautiful as this.

It’s a physical embodiment of our relationship: beautiful, organic and has the capacity to stand the test of time”. Hence, their love story rhymes with the story of the place where they’re celebrating, and this allows to feel like being part of a single great fairytale.

Their own personal tale inside a bigger one, the promise of undying love in a timeless frame. I am sure you can tell the magic of that moment even just by looking at the frames of their elopement video.

Experience for all the senses: typical, organic Italian food and breathtaking landscapes

Feeling like being part of this all comes naturally even for who comes in these places for the first time. All the senses are stimulated and seduced not only by the enchanted beauty of this place, but also by the smell of the woods, the silence of the hills and the taste of a flourishing and living land.

wolking in borgo pignano

The legendary quality of Italian food here it finds its highest expression. Borgo Pignano houses inside an organic farm that produces independently its own range of organic flours (used for making pasta and pizza) but also eggs, fruit, honey, Extra virgin olive oil and feed for the animals of the estate.

An unforgettable elopement

This place is so full of opportunities that is perfect both for who decides to live the elopement with their loved ones and for who – just like Taylor and Travis – decides to do so in private.

As an italian videographer , I feel extremely lucky to have had the possibility to share this private moment with them, they’re such a lovely couple. I am also incredibly happy because I could impress this moment not only in their memory but even in the memory of their loved ones who weren’t there, so all of them can have the chance to live that moment again and again, every time they want to remember that incredible day.

Every great love story deserves to be a movie, and these hills are the perfect natural scenography every director would dream of. 

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