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One of the first things to cross on your wedding to-do list is deciding where to get married. Once you’ve booked a wedding in a Tuscan venue, you can start looking for other essential wedding suppliers like catering, photographer and more. So how do you choose a wedding venue? What makes a wedding venue good? Since I deal with wedding videos I thought I’d write this article to help you create your perfect wedding in Tuscany.

Each of us has our own dream wedding venue hidden in the drawer. For some couples, finding the perfect place can be really simple, for others a real nightmare. Wherever it is, your venue should fit the kind of dream wedding you want. Scroll through the list I have prepared below to get an idea of what your wedding venue should be like. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I will be happy to give you the best suggestions based on my work experience.

Are you looking for a wedding videographer who has the knack of capturing the romance and love between you and your partner? Maybe you are looking for someone to make a video of your day as if it were a heartfelt story. You should look at my portfolio of videos made all over Italy. I could be the first choice to make when you plan to get married in Siena as well as in Florence, Chianti and all the other places in Tuscany.


Wedding video – San Galgano Abbey

In a fairy tale there is a catalyst that brings the heroes together, and today’s fairy tale is the wedding of Louise & Stuart. An enchanting location, love, family, friends and a promise, these are the secret ingredients to their love story. A special yes, a wedding like no others. 

The view is magnificent, the Abbey of Saint Galgano stands tall through the rolling hills, in the Tuscany’s countryside. The perfect place to celebrate this special day. The Old Abbey offers an incredible view and it is the perfect choice of timeless beauty to celebrate love. Siena’s green hills are an incredible setting for this intimate wedding, close friends and family united to celebrate a love story.

Tears of joy, smiles, the sound of close people laughing, celebrating life and the most important day of their life together. Villa Pordenovo’s garden is the best place near the Abbey of Saint Galgano to continue the celebration of this beautiful couple.

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Tuscany videography – The Lazy Olive Villa

If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Siena this video is for you. This is the story of two guys who decided to live the beauty of real Italy, deciding to get married in Tuscany in a truly relaxing place; The Lazy Olive Villa. The villa is located in the idyllic Tuscan countryside, allowing guests to enjoy a full immersion in nature, beauty and silence. 

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Tuscany videographer – Villa Vignamaggio

If you have decided to get married in Florence but this seems too chaotic, I have selected a video for you. This is the story of two Australian guys who decided to make their elopement in Tuscany in the beautiful Villa Vignamaggio. Halfway between Florence and Siena, the estate extends over 200 hectares in the Chianti Classico hills. Vignamaggio rises in a landscape surrounded by greenery, between woods, vineyards and ancient villages scattered over the surrounding hills.

At the center of the company is the Renaissance villa, surrounded by Italian gardens that find space between rows of cypresses, vineyards and olive trees. This is the perfect place for a wedding videographer to make their video. All around the forest alternates with the countryside, where farmers have been working the land for hundreds of years. 

At the edge of the forest or among the vineyards you can see the farmhouses, ancient stone houses of sharecroppers. Season after season, Vignamaggio changes shapes and colors: the harsh scents of the forest mix with the clear air of spring dawns, the sunsets that warm the sky after the summer storms blend with the unmistakable pink of the villa.

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Wedding video in Tuscany – Villa Tantafera

If instead you have decided to get married in the center of Florence, this is a place that could be for you. Villa Tantafera. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view from above. It is definitely a beautiful place to make your own wedding video. 

The Villa is a truly elegant location, dating back to the 15th century. This historic villa has been completely renovated and refurbished. Its hilly position ensures a superb view of Florence and the Tuscan countryside, with the city center just 10 minutes away. The villa sits atop 5 acres of private land, sprinkled with olive trees. All around the house, a romantic, terraced garden with ponds and fountains, lemon and persimmon trees, strawberry grapes and delicate flowers.

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Tuscany is a treasure trove of unique historical treasures in the world: it is rich in cities of art and small picturesque villages with an immense cultural heritage, but it is also extraordinary for its enchanting views made of bucolic countryside and rolling hills.

A wedding in Tuscany allows you to touch with your own hands monuments and places of inestimable value, the symbolic places of Florence – the Dome of Brunelleschi, the Bell Tower of Giotto, the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio -, and the scenic Piazza del Campo, in the center of Siena, where every year is held the famous Palio di Siena, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Surrounded by these places, wedding video in Tuscany is definitely a unique product.

Some of the most beautiful wedding places are: Florence, Siena, Chianti. If you are looking for a best wedding videographer in Tuscany, you are in the right place! 


Wedding videographer Tuscany – Ristonchi Castle

About an hour’s drive from Florence, there is a beautiful village on a hill; Ristonchi Castle. Here you can do many outdoor activities and taste an excellent homemade Italian food. If you are looking for a secluded and quiet place to have your wedding in Tuscany, you are in the right place!

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Tuscany Wedding Videography – Villa La Vedetta

If you want to get married in the heart of Tuscany in Florence, Villa La Vedetta might be the place for you. The balcony with a top view of Florence is definitely its strong point. The wedding video below is definitely a great example of what you can do in this beautiful place!

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Tuscan Wedding – Monteverdi

Have you ever dreamed of celebrating your wedding in Tuscany in a small town on a hill just for you? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Monteverdi in Tuscany, is a country hotel, a unique place of its kind, rich in beauty, flavors and with a beautiful architecture. Take a look at the video!

The full post is here.

Getting married in Tuscany is one of the most beautiful experiences in Italy. For this reason I hope this article has helped you find a place that fits your needs, exactly as you imagined it. Being a wedding videographer and having made several works in Tuscany, I am convinced that these places that I have recommended will not disappoint you. If you need more information or want to ask for some advice on how to make your wedding in Tuscany, do not hesitate to contact me using the form below. See you soon!



I’m Francesco and this is Thirtyfive Studios

I am a wedding videographer in Tuscany, Italy and my mission is to capture the best moments of your wedding. I have three locations all over Italy so I can easily be anywhere you want for your special day.

Travelling is my passion and as a destination wedding videographer in Tuscany I will be happy to join you in a new place. My experience as a wedding videographer in Italy began many years ago driven by my passion for video and photography. 

The art of being a wedding videographer is to create emotional videos that capture the soul of people: each video reflects the unique personality of each of you. One of my skills is to be by your side on your wedding day, but also to be invisible. 

As a wedding videographer in Italy, I’m really fond of my country and all its places. Everything you choose for your wedding will be a source of inspiration for me: the location, the flowers, the accessories, the dress, etc. My goal is to capture all the emotions and feelings of your wedding in Tuscany, making it unique. I chose Tuscany as the seat of my business because I love these places being a beautiful source of inspiration. 

I’m a very empathetic person and I love finding a connection with people.

What do you think about my videos? Let's keep in touch!


Ready to answer to all of your questions and needs

Sure! You can request the price quotation by calling me or filling out the form. 

Absolutely not. The conclusion of a contract indicates first of all the professionalism of the videographer and at the same time protects the customer. Mine is a very synthetic contract with no small news.

The final product is divided in three parts:

  • Video trailer (from 2 to 4 minutes).
  • Film (from 10 to 15 minutes).
  • Extra videos (these are video clips in addition containing speeches, dances and other things).
However, nothing prevents you from extending your requests while signing the contract.

The payment is divided in three parts:

  • 40% to block the date with signing of the contract.
  • 30% fifteen days before the ceremony date.
  • 30% after checking the videos.
As soon as I receive the last payment, you can download the videos from my personal Google Drive.

Generally, not more than 90 working days, as written in the contract. However, in special cases, after agreements at the contractual stage, delivery times may be shortened.

The videos are delivered in digital format via my Google Drive. However, upon extra payment, you can request a usb pen box set on which you can keep a copy of the videos.
supporto fisico sul quale conservare copia dei video.

By contract I guarantee my presence, as well as that of my collaborators and assistants called for related services requested. 

For years so far, I have chosen not to charge for the drone as for a service apart, so it is already included in my basic package and there is no increase in price. This instrument will be used at my discretion, where there is needed. 

Generally, for the duration of the event until the cake cut. After that, I always try to stay at least an hour longer to catch some other interesting moments before leaving. However, it is possible to make me stay further. In that case I offer another package called “after party”. 

Yes, you can make some small changes to the video such as scene changes. It is not possible to change the music because the music is always chosen by the couple before starting the assembly phase. 

wedding on isola del garda

Isola del Garda: A Small Wedding in Lake Garda

The traditional music of a guitar, a violin and an accordion accompany the special day of a couple  who have decided to celebrate their love by immersing themselves in the magic of a bucolic landscape. Since time immemorial in literature

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