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Wedding in Ristonchi Castle, Tuscany

The green of the olive groves, the majesty of the horses, the stone walls, the smell of the fields. All this was the setting for the beautiful wedding of Svet and Tyler at Ristonchi Castle in Tuscany. The Castle is counted by the magazine Forbes as one of the most beautiful places to get married.

The ceremony lasted three days, in which the activities that the structure offers have followed: yoga, trekking, swimming pool and cooking all together, future spouses and guests, traditional dishes such as Florentine schiacciata or Neapolitan pizza.

She’s Ukrainian, he’s American. In these days I was able to witness the beauty of the encounter between cultures, and when this encounter takes place in the frame of love, everything becomes more magical. In keeping with the Ukrainian tradition, Tyler had to gain the consent of the bride’s relatives through a series of “fun and cheerful” trials. The first day ended, with a future groom tried, the eyes of Svet cheerful and the laughter of the guests, around a table adjacent to the castle, live music and the starry sky of Tuscany.

The Ristonchi castle, in Pelago and the Tuscan landscape were also perfect on the wedding day, initially threatened by rain and lightning. Under a bright sky, the bride and groom made their promises in both tongues. The ceremony was followed by a tasty aperitif accompanied by the musical duo Kitia Music and Ines Piazzese. Between typical Ukrainian dances and tastings of Tuscan dishes, once again the beauty of the encounter between different cultures is manifested.

The day ended with a party in what was to be the prisons of the ancient castle Ristonchi, including cocktails, Peroni beer and music.

I am really happy to have had the opportunity to capture some moments of the beautiful wedding in Tuscany of Svet and Tyler. It was an experience full of emotions and twists, not only for the couple and for the guests, but also for me and my collaborators.


Location: Ristonchi Castle

Photographer: Jenna LeRoy Photography

Videographer: Thirtyfive Studios

Music: Kitia Music and Ines Piazzese

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