wedding video in sorrento
wedding video in sorrento

Intimate Wedding: Love Story in Sorrento, Italy

The story of Francesco and Valeria is the story of two guys who know each other from elementary school but meet after many years and fall in love deeply, intensely, sincerely and without any filter. Valeria is a sensitive and refined girl and sees in Francesco his serenity, an extroverted boy and an eternal romantic who has eyes only for her, she above all.

They choose to live the most beautiful day of their life in the enchantment of Sorrento, more precisely Sant’Agnello, in a small and discreet church, with a magnificent altar entirely of wood, to adorn it with simple and shining flowers, just like them.

The view is breathtaking when you arrive at the Grand Hotel La Cocumella, a place that Francesco was immediately moved by the first time there was and that she is very close to heart; for years imagine it could be the right one, always listening to the memories of a mother and a father who, many years before, had chosen him to crown their marriage.

wedding in grand hotel cocumella sorrento

You walk along a narrow and long avenue full of flowers and plants of the most beautiful species, for tens of meters you are dozed by the scents of spring now at the end, when on the horizon you can see one of the most beautiful terraces of Sorrento, dazzled by the long white balustrade and the sea that enchanted poets and artists.  

Not much goes by when the bride and groom arrive, smiling and with arms aimed at embracing friends and relatives, already ready with the glasses at the top to toast. When you move inside, you are enchanted by these rises full of flowers to form a sphere of mist and yellow roses.  Lunch is quick and the bride and groom hover between tables to laugh and rejoice on this day that will be the most beautiful ever for them.

At sunset, we return to the terrace, the music is soft and delicate, the view is magnificent and in the center of the beautiful terrace stands a white wedding cake with references to yellow roses and lends itself to be immortalized with friends and family to ensure that this day, never be forgotten.


Location: La Cocumella

Photographer: Mauro Silvestre

Videographer: Thirtyfive Studios

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Yes, you can make some small changes to the video such as scene changes. It is not possible to change the music because the music is always chosen by the couple before starting the assembly phase. 

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