wedding video in amalfi coast
wedding video in amalfi coast

How to choose the Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast

Choosing a wedding videographer on the Amalfi Coast is by no means a simple thing to do. Over the years many couples have asked me several questions about what the requirements must be for a wedding videographer. That’s why I decided to make an article to help couples make the best choice.

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What’s so special in Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is certainly one of the most beautiful and special places in the world. The sea that combines with the mountain creates a fairytale scenario, the smells of Italian cuisine, the long walks among the lemons, the small villages that populate it. 

Among the latter we find the most famous: Positano, Ravello and Amalfi. Special places full of characteristic views where you can create your own memories on your wedding day. There is really a lot of information on the Amalfi coast on the internet, but I would like to use this article to tell you about some special and little known places where you can make a really special video

One of these is Monte Molare; this mountain overlooks Positano and is a simply fantastic place on the Amalfi coast to do your elopement. Unlike the path of the gods, from here it is possible to see the whole coast, on the left side the Amalfi Coast on the right side the Sorrento Coast; I can tell you that it is like being on Olympus. Another interesting place is the valley of the mills; this is accessed from Amalfi by trekking, even here really special views that could be the background to your wedding.

In conclusion, the Amalfi Coast is truly a magical and unique place where making your wedding is an experience that remains for a lifetime.

Why choose a Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast?

Choosing a wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast is important because working in that place he knows very well the best places to get married. A videographer from another city, or even worse from another country, would have several problems managing his work within the region.

The local videographer also knows all the facilities, hotels and villas very well and this is another big plus. Plus he knows the locals and many of the managers of the various places to get married. This is by no means a factor to be overlooked.

wedding videographer amalfi coast

What should the Wedding Videographer know?

After choosing your wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast, there are some important things you should communicate to him. This way you make sure that everything goes smoothly and that there are no problems on your wedding day.
Let’s see what they are:

  • Provide the videographer with the details of all the contacts you found in Amalfi Coast, if you have contacted a wedding planner, give the videographer his phone number.
  • If you feel very attached to a particular music, let the videographer know, in this way he can evaluate in advance whether to include it in the video.
  • It’s always a good idea to provide your videographer with a title page, with all the important people you would like to see in your wedding film. That way, your videographer won’t accidentally let someone out. The Mother of the Bride may not be too happy!
  • Let him know the dress code. Think of your wedding videographer as a guest; he or she will have to integrate seamlessly with everyone else at your reception!
  • Introduce the videographer to the photographer. The two will work in tandem and there is nothing more uncomfortable than a photographer and a videographer fighting for the best shots. (It is known to happen!)
  • Introduce them to the best man and / or bridesmaid, who they can ask any questions on your wedding day.
  • If you plan to have your videographer use the drone, check if your wedding venue has any restrictions on it.
  • Give them an order of service, so they know where they should be and when for all the important moments of the day.
  • Finally, if there is any aspect of the wedding that you have prepared in advance (and in secret), and you really want it to be captured on film, let them know in advance!
wedding videographer amalfi coast

How many videographers are needed for a wedding in Amalfi Coast?

Generally to make a great wedding video, a videographer plus an assistant is enough. However, there are cases where it is important that there are multiple videographers in order to capture every moment. In this case, by explaining in detail the dynamics of your wedding, the videographer will be able to advise you on the best.

wedding videography positano

Is a wedding videographer worth it?

Booking a Wedding Videographer is important or perhaps more important than calling a wedding photographer. Too often video is overshadowed when it really shouldn’t be. The wedding video is something totally different from the photos, the latter unfortunately are immobile, still; video instead contains many more elements than a photo. A funny scene, an important speech, the voice of a mother… All elements that would be lost forever with just photography.

ravello wedding videography

How long does a typical Wedding Video last?

A Wedding Video can have different lengths. However, over the years, it has been understood that it is better to have a product that is not too long but is of the highest quality. So the length of a full wedding video generally ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. While the trailer is from 2 to 4 minutes. Many think that these durations are short, I guarantee you that it is not so … it is nice when you then want to see your wedding video in Amalfi Coast many times.

wedding video on amalfi coast

What should be present in a good wedding video?

There are several things that should be present in a good wedding video:

  • The details during the wedding day.
  • The emotions of the spouses, relatives or friends.
  • Quality audio to better remember the speeches or the speech of that day
  • The landscape of te coast with all its nuances.
  • Some beautiful film shots made with the drone.
  • Moments that go unnoticed by other people
  • The artistic touch of the wedding videographer
wedding videography amalfi

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Amalfi Coast?

The average cost of a wedding video throughout Amalfi Coast, on average, ranges from € 1000 up to € 3000. It all depends on the request made for the wedding day.
The things that can affect the price are: the presence of multiple video operators, the use of the drone, travel expenses, total days of work.

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Why choose Thirtyfive Studios as your Wedding Videographer in Amalfi Coast?

If you think this guide may have been useful to you and above all you like my way of working, I could probably be the right person to make your wedding video in Amalfi Coast. If you want to have contact with me you can use the contact form below.

I will be happy to help you organize your wedding in Siena and give you all the information.

If you want to see other videos I invite you to visit this page.

What do you think about my videos? Let's keep in touch!


Ready to answer to all of your questions and needs

Sure! You can request the price quotation by calling me or filling out the form. 

Absolutely not. The conclusion of a contract indicates first of all the professionalism of the videographer and at the same time protects the customer. Mine is a very synthetic contract with no small news.

The final product is divided in three parts:

  • Video trailer (from 2 to 4 minutes).
  • Film (from 10 to 15 minutes).
  • Extra videos (these are video clips in addition containing speeches, dances and other things).
However, nothing prevents you from extending your requests while signing the contract.

The payment is divided in three parts:

  • 40% to block the date with signing of the contract.
  • 30% fifteen days before the ceremony date.
  • 30% after checking the videos.
As soon as I receive the last payment, you can download the videos from my personal Google Drive.

Generally, not more than 90 working days, as written in the contract. However, in special cases, after agreements at the contractual stage, delivery times may be shortened.

The videos are delivered in digital format via my Google Drive. However, upon extra payment, you can request a usb pen box set on which you can keep a copy of the videos.
supporto fisico sul quale conservare copia dei video.

By contract I guarantee my presence, as well as that of my collaborators and assistants called for related services requested. 

For years so far, I have chosen not to charge for the drone as for a service apart, so it is already included in my basic package and there is no increase in price. This instrument will be used at my discretion, where there is needed. 

Generally, for the duration of the event until the cake cut. After that, I always try to stay at least an hour longer to catch some other interesting moments before leaving. However, it is possible to make me stay further. In that case I offer another package called “after party”. 

Yes, you can make some small changes to the video such as scene changes. It is not possible to change the music because the music is always chosen by the couple before starting the assembly phase. 

terrace of villa san giacomo in positano

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