Arabic Wedding in Lake Maggiore: Relais Villa Porta

One of the main reasons why Italy is nicknamed the “Beautiful Country” is its extraordinary variety of landscapes. From north to south, you can encounter mountainous panoramas inviting exploration through walks and sports, coastal regions perfect for relaxation in mild climates, pristine nature, and art cities. There are some places that manage to capture and condense the magic of all this variety into a single, marvelous setting: one of these is certainly Lake Maggiore. A location that brings together many facets of our country on its shores, and for this reason, it is chosen not only by tourists from all over the world but also by many lovers to celebrate their weddings.

My work as a videographer takes me all over Italy to tell many love stories in the most scenic and fascinating locations, and indeed, I have been fortunate to visit this lake many times. However, each wedding has its own story and peculiarities, which give these places – and my videos – a different nuance every time I visit. Today, I want to tell you about Maryam and Steve, a couple who managed to create a truly special atmosphere on the shores of Lake Maggiore, and who entrusted me and Artus Lacis, an award-winning Latvian wedding photographer, with the task of witnessing this particularly special day to capture it with our lenses and preserve it forever. Are you ready for this journey?

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History and Tradition of The Islands of Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is one of the great Italian lakes along with Lake Como and Lake Garda: all three share a glacial origin and a typical elongated shape, located near the Alpine arc, but each of them has a distinct personality. Specifically, this lake, which extends between Piedmont and Lombardy, bordering Switzerland, is dotted with small inhabited islands rich in history and tradition. The lake shores have been inhabited continuously since the Middle Ages, and it’s no coincidence that nobles and rulers of the time chose to build numerous castles and villages here, fascinated by its lush nature, which still today is a highlight of tourist itineraries in the area.

In addition to visiting villages, monasteries, and islands, including the complex of the Borromean Islands and the Islands of Brissago, visitors can engage in numerous cultural and sporting activities. The lake shores are also rich in museums such as MIDeC (International Museum of Ceramic Design) or the municipal museum of modern art in Ascona, which houses works by artists like Paul Klee and Jawlensky, as well as offering many activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Did you know that this lake is famous not only for walks, trekking, and similar activities but also for sailing and windsurfing? Its shape, combined with the Alps towering above it, creates a unique condition ideal for enthusiasts of these sports!

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The Adventurous History of Relais Villa Porta

Overlooking the lake waters, specifically on the Gulf of Colmegna, is the chosen location for Maryam and Steve’s dream wedding on Lake Maggiore: Villa Porta. A relais as unique as it is rare, with its 10,000 square meters of centuries-old park offering not only a spectacular view of the lake but also romantic paths for strolling in nature and various facilities ranging from restaurants to areas dedicated to fitness, relaxation, and younger guests: a true corner of paradise (and a perfect setting for a wedding video)!

Aereal view of Relais Villa Porta

Villa Porta’s history dates back to the late 1700s when it was designed and built as a hunting lodge. Its destiny, however, took a different turn, and from 1820 onwards, Leopoldo Casnedi turned it into an inn, later passing ownership to Engineer Porta, whose name it still bears. Indeed, it was the engineer with a passion for botany who began to embellish the villa’s garden with exotic and rare plants collected during his travels, laying the foundations for the huge park, further enhanced over time by unique elements such as the Liberty-style greenhouse and its small port on the lake.

Even today, under the ownership of the Luz family, the Villa continues to create new, magical spaces while preserving the villa’s centuries-old history. The latest addition is the Limonaia, a ballroom characterized by its open-sky skyline that enhances the entire environment and gives it a touch of elegance, creating an atmosphere that is truly hard to compare with other locations on the lake, making it the perfect place to celebrate a special day.

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The Orthodox Ceremony: A Rich Tradition

The day began with the classic preparation of the bride and groom, who got ready for the ceremony in the Villa’s rooms. A very intimate moment, often shared with their closest family members, although in this case, both Steve and Maryam preferred to surround themselves with lifelong friends who had also come to Italy to act as their best men and maids of honor on this occasion, sharing a drink to break the tension. Once ready, the couple moved to the actual ceremony, arriving in grand style: through the streets of the town, a small crowd of onlookers couldn’t help but notice the splendid vintage convertible that accompanied them to the church!

The Orthodox ritual with which the wedding was celebrated was truly unique. This type of celebration is rich in symbolism and traditions that make it unique and deeply spiritual. The ceremony begins with the crowning of the bride and groom, during which golden or flower crowns are placed on their heads, symbolizing the creation of a new family kingdom. Subsequently, the exchange of rings takes place, blessed by the priest, representing the eternity and fidelity of their bond. Then the chalice is blessed, from which the spouses drink wine together.

This act symbolizes the sharing of the joys and sorrows they will face together in their married life. The ceremony is accompanied by prayers and chants, creating a sacred and solemn atmosphere that celebrates the union of the spouses before God and the community. Steve and Maryam were visibly moved, as were their friends, and in the intimacy of the small church they chose, the atmosphere truly became magical.

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Would a Wedding Be Complete Without a Party?

Once the fateful “yes” was pronounced, it was time to return to the villa for a buffet, preceding dinner in the Limonaia, and for the first tender moments as newlyweds for the couple along Villa Porta’s most scenic paths, enjoying a moment of intimacy away from the eyes of the guests. The dinner location was truly unique: we found ourselves right on the water’s edge on the shores of the lake, in an environment that almost seemed completely open-air, with the spectacle of the moon reflecting its light on the calm waters of the lake at night. In this case too, the best men and maids of honor made a scene-stealing entrance, respectively to the tunes of the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, immediately setting a lively tone for the celebration!

The couple themselves were not to be outdone, making their entrance in grand style, accompanied by a band towards the Limonaia. The dinner was interspersed, as always, with moving speeches from parents and playful ones from friends, until the moment came for the cake, also under the moonlight and with a breathtaking scenery amidst the shadows of the mountains surrounding the lake and the fireworks that briefly illuminated them. After this truly emotional moment, the party proper began, with guests finally letting loose on the dance floor to conclude a day truly rich in emotions.

The Role of Storytellers in Your Wedding Story

In places naturally imbued with such beauty, one might think that a photograph on our cellphone would suffice to bring our minds back to that day, those scents, those emotions, or that simply closing our eyes would mentally transport us to Lake Maggiore. However, years later, we often discover that this is not the case, because when experiencing such a totalizing experience, the senses prevail, and the photos taken by relatives and friends only offer a partial view of everything we were surrounded by.

This is precisely why location and organization alone are not enough to make a wedding memorable: it becomes essential to turn to professional and specialized videographers and photographers. Our role, in fact, is not just that of witnesses, but of storytellers: we must capture emotions in the most discreet and natural way possible, allowing the spouses the freedom to fully experience them without thinking of anything else, so that they can relive them again and again through videos and photos.

The wedding day is the day when the life stories of two lovers finally intertwine, giving rise to a new, beautiful story, and I like to think that I can contribute to this narrative with my videos: I do not hide the fact that I am moved thinking that in many years, the spouses will reunite with their family and recount that day, becoming emotional thanks to my work!

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