The 4 Best Wedding Venues in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking islands of Italy, known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich culture, and exquisite cuisine. All these things make Sicily a place that many couples choose to celebrate their wedding.

With its mix of ancient architecture, idyllic beaches, and charming villages, Sicily offers a wealth of stunning venues that take your breath away, for sure. From luxurious resorts to rustic villas and historic places, it has something to offer every couple looking for the perfect wedding venue.

In this article, we’ll explore 4 of the most stunning wedding venues in Sicily, each with its own unique charm and character.

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Taormina Greek Theater

The Taormina Greek Theater, also known as Teatro Antico di Taormina, is an ancient amphitheater located in the picturesque town of Taormina. This historic theater dates back to the 3rd century BC and it’s considered one of the most impressive ancient theaters in the world.

The theater was built by the Greeks and later expanded by the Romans, and was used for various events such as theater performances, gladiator fights, and religious ceremonies. Over the centuries, the theater fell into disrepair, but it was restored in the early 20th century and nowadays is the most popular and fascinating wedding venue in Sicily.

taormina greek theatre

Located in front of the Ionian Sea, this place offers breathtaking views of the sea and the nearby Mount Etna, making it a popular spot for couples to exchange their vows. The theater’s ancient architecture, including its imposing columns and archways, adds to the romantic ambiance of the location, perfect to capture the best moments of your special day.

One of the best spots to take wedding videos and photos at the Taormina Greek Theater is the stage itself. With its impressive backdrop of ancient columns and arches, the stage provides a stunning setting for capturing wedding memories. The theater’s acoustics are also exceptional, making it the perfect spot for live performances or musical accompaniment during the ceremony.

taormina greek theatre by night

Another great spot to take wedding videos at the Taormina Greek Theater is the panoramic terrace. Located at the top of the theater, the terrace provides amazing views of the surrounding landscape, including the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. The terrace’s open-air setting allows for plenty of natural light and creates a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere for capturing the couple’s special day.

Couples who are interested in history and ancient architecture will particularly love getting married at the Taormina Greek Theater. Its ancient history and impressive architecture provide a unique and unforgettable backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Additionally, I suggest this venue to couples who are looking for a romantic and memorable destination wedding in Sicily, ‘cause they will find out that the Taormina Greek Theater offers an unforgettable experience they will cherish for a lifetime.

Grand Hotel Timeo

Grand Hotel Timeo is a five-star Belmond Hotel located in the picturesque town of Taormina. The hotel is housed in a former aristocratic villa that dates back to the early 19th century, and its stunning architecture and interior design reflect the elegance and charm of old-world Italy.

The hotel’s history is rich and fascinating. In the 1800s, the villa was owned by a wealthy English family who used it as a winter residence. During World War II, the villa was used as a headquarters by the Allied Forces, and after the war, it was converted into a hotel. Over the years, the hotel has hosted many famous guests, including Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Nowadays, Grand Hotel Timeo is one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Sicily. It offers a variety of stunning venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions, each with its own unique character and charm. 

grand hotel taormina

One of them is The Presidential Terrace, an intimate and romantic outdoor venue that offers stunning views of the sea and Mount Etna. Surrounded by the hotel’s lush terraced gardens, the Terrace is the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding ceremony or cocktail reception. And, as the sun sets over the sea, you and your guests can enjoy a magical evening under the stars, surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of Sicily.

Another beautiful venue to celebrate your wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo is The Byzantine Room, an elegant indoor venue option at Grand Hotel Timeo that features beautiful vaulted ceilings, intricate frescoes, and stunning views of Mount Etna. The room is perfect for an indoor wedding ceremony or reception, and its unique blend of historic charm and luxury creates a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere for any wedding celebration.

grand hotel timeo inside

At last, there is The Garden, a secluded and romantic venue located in the heart of the hotel’s lush gardens. The Garden is the perfect setting for an intimate and romantic elopement. Surrounded by fragrant flowers and the sound of trickling fountains, you and your lovers can enjoy a serene and peaceful evening.

As you can see, Grand Hotel Timeo has a lot of stunning spots to capture magical memories. From the stunning panoramic views of the sea and Mount Etna to the historic charm of the Greek Theatre and the romantic tranquility of the Garden, Grand Hotel Timeo offers a romantic wedding experience in Sicily.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate and romantic setting or a big celebration in an unforgettable venue, Grand Hotel Timeo has everything you need to make your wedding dreams come true.

table for diner in grand hotel timeo

Furthermore, the hotel is located in Taormina, a town steeped in history and culture, with ancient ruins, beautiful churches, and stunning architecture at every turn. The town’s narrow streets are lined with picturesque buildings adorned with colorful flowers, creating a romantic and charming atmosphere that is perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or a destination wedding.

Couples who appreciate history, culture, and sophistication will find the Grand Hotel Timeo an excellent choice. The hotel’s stunning architecture, elegant decor, and charming ambiance create a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for couples looking for a classic and refined wedding celebration.

Tonnara di Scopello

Nestled in the charming fishing village of Scopello, Tonnara di Scopello is a historic wedding venue that offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding landscape.

The venue has a rich history dating back to the 13th century when it was used as a tuna fishing port. Today, the venue has been transformed into a stunning wedding venue that combines the historic charm of its past with modern luxury and elegance.

If you’re planning your wedding in Sicily, at Tonnara di Scopello you can choose between different amazing venues.

The first one is The Seafront Terrace, a romantic and intimate outdoor venue that overlooks the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. With the sound of the waves lapping against the shore and the gentle sea breeze, the Seafront Terrace is the perfect setting for a dreamy and romantic wedding ceremony or reception. 

Another great venue at Tonnara di Scopello is The Courtyard, a historic and charming indoor venue that offers a unique and intimate setting for your wedding. With its rustic stone walls, vaulted ceilings, and elegant lighting, the Courtyard is the perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony or dinner reception. The venue also features a stunning outdoor terrace that offers breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding landscape.

tonnara di scopello in the morning

Tonnara di Scopello also offers a very original venue to celebrate your wedding: The Tuna Room. It is a unique and unforgettable venue that offers a glimpse into the venue’s historic past. The room was once used to process the tuna caught by the fishermen of Scopello, and today it has been transformed into a stunning and elegant wedding venue. With its rustic stone walls and elegant lighting, the Tuna Room offers a unique and unforgettable setting for a truly unique wedding

And when it comes to capturing your wedding videos and photos, Tonnara di Scopello offers a variety of stunning locations that are sure to make your memories last a lifetime. The surrounding landscape of Scopello offers a variety of breathtaking locations for your wedding photoshoot, including the nearby Zingaro Nature Reserve and the charming village of Scopello with its historic buildings and picturesque streets.

Overall, Tonnara di Scopello is a magical wedding place with a unique blend of historic charm, modern luxury, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

tonnara di scopello

I suggest this place to couples who appreciate rustic charm and historic architecture. The venue’s historic tuna fishery has been carefully restored to retain its original features, including stone walls and arches, creating a charming and rustic atmosphere that is perfect for couples looking for an authentic and unique wedding celebration.

Furthermore, couples who love the idea of an outdoor wedding will appreciate Tonnara di Scopello’s stunning location. The venue is situated in a picturesque cove overlooking the sea, surrounded by lush greenery, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos and videos.

tonnara di scopello in the evening

One of the most beautiful and romantic features of Scopello town is its stunning coastline, which is dotted with small coves, hidden beaches, and breathtaking cliffs. The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea contrast beautifully with the rugged coastline, creating a stunning and unforgettable landscape.

Couples can stroll hand in hand along the village’s rocky shoreline, take a boat ride to explore the nearby coves, or simply relax on the beach and soak up the sun.

Villa Sant’Andrea

Villa Sant’Andrea is another charming 19th-century Belmond Hotel located in Taormina. The villa was originally built for a British nobleman, but today it serves as an exquisite wedding venue that offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque surrounding landscape.

If you’re looking for an elegant and special place to celebrate your wedding in Sicily, Villa Sant’Andrea could be an excellent option for you. 

belmond hotel sant'andrea aerial view

You can decide to celebrate it in The Garden, a lush and vibrant outdoor space with blooming flowers, charming gazebos, and elegant fountains. With the fresh sea breeze and stunning scenery, it’s the perfect backdrop to celebrate your special day with all your family and friends.

The Terrace is another a sophisticated and elegant outdoor venue that overlooks the Bay of Mazzarò and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. It features grand white columns and classic design that create a luxurious atmosphere for your grand wedding reception. It’s perfect for those looking for a grand and glamorous wedding celebration.

belmond hotel sant'andrea aerial view

At last, you could opt for The Salon. It is a magnificent indoor venue that showcases grand chandeliers, high ceilings, and classic design and it’s a perfect setting for a sophisticated and glamorous wedding reception. The luxurious atmosphere and elegant decor will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Villa Sant’Andrea offers various stunning locations to capture your wedding moments in amazing videos and photos. You’ll have no trouble creating memories that will last a lifetime. The garden, terrace, and the villa’s interior all offer stunning photo opportunities. 

belmond hotel sant'andrea

Couples who love the idea of a beachfront wedding will find Villa Sant’Andrea an excellent choice. The villa’s private beach offers stunning views of the sea, creating a romantic and picturesque backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

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