Love on the Como Lake: A Family Wedding in Bellagio

The wedding day is a dream which many cherish from even before knowing their soulmate. Some imagine a big party, surrounded by friends and family, while others wish for a more intimate and private situation in which they can simply get lost in their lover’s eyes… In any case, what can’t be missing in any dream is a fairy-tale setting: that’s the main reason why Italy is such a celebrated destination for couples from all over the world! Our wonderful landscapes, our history and our traditions are the perfect setting for a great love story… also and especially for who, just like me, works as a video maker in these splendid locations to capture these unforgettable and unique moments.

I’ve been very happy to have met and worked with Alyssa and Elliot, who chose me as a silent witness f their story and asked me to make sure that even their loved ones who weren’t with them on that day could get emotional just like they were there, on the beautiful shores of the Como Lake. Today, I will tell you about a beautiful couple and about their dream of crowning their love story right here, in Italy, with only their closest relatives to be part of the ceremony, in a location that in its simplicity is in constant touch with the surrounding landscape.

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Wedding in a private villa: an unconventional but winning choice

The location chosen by the spouses is pretty unusual for a foreign couple: I’m used to work with people that, coming from the opposite side of the world, decide to spare no expenses and celebrate their wedding in the most exclusive and luxurious locations, and I guessed that everybody shared more or less this desire. Actually, Alyssa and Elliot made a totally different choice, but I consider it as a completely winning choice: the newlyweds have decided to rent a private villa which in its simplicity was elegant and reserved and left more room for emotions.

The villa is in an incredible position: it’s perched on Lake Como with a wonderful view that combines hills, mountains and the charm of the most famous lake in Italy, reserved but with a beautiful view of the village below with its houses with sloping roofs and its harbor. As if the enviable positioning was not enough, the villa is simply perfect in its sobriety: its spaces are essential and without glitz but at the same time capture the eye for the refined taste they exude.

The rooms are literally flooded with light by large windows that guarantee, in addition to a perfect natural light, a breathtaking view of both the lake and the beautiful garden surrounding the villa. The exterior of the structure is embellished by a pool area where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation away from the world and a stone clearing overlooking the lake: a perfect place for the first look given to the bride by the groom, who can’t help but melt seeing his beloved so beautiful surrounded by so much beauty.

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Celebrate love with an enchanting background

Lake Como is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and sought after places to celebrate weddings all’Italiana, and it’s renowned because every year it hosts many events and luxury ceremonies. This prestige is due not only to the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding natural landscape, but also to the rich offer of high quality accommodation and services in the lake area. It is also renowned for being chosen especially by very wealthy people, who want to celebrate their special day in a sumptuous setting. However, what perhaps is unknown to many is the variety of available solutions, suitable for very different needs and budgets.

The diverse offering of this area includes a wide range of luxury hotels, elegant function rooms and charming historic villas, both public and private (such as Villa del Balbianello), ensuring that each couple can find the perfect solution to celebrate their wedding in this fascinating scenario. In addition to traditional ceremonies, Lake Como also offers spaces for more intimate weddings on the shores or in cured gardens. The possibilities are virtually endless, allowing each couple to choose the ideal place to express their own style and love as they see fit.

elopement il lake como

Regardless of the chosen location, the Lake always remains the main protagonist, with its azure waters framed by lush hills and majestic mountains. The spectacular panoramic views of the lake and the Alps create a breathtaking backdrop, turning every photo shoot and every video shoot into an unforgettable memory. In those magical moments, all you want is to be there, immersed in the beauty of the lake, next to the person you love, celebrating love and the promise of a life together.

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Alyssa and Elliot’s exclusive wedding

The wedding of Alyssa and Elliott was an intimate and extremely moving one: the two chose to be accompanied only by the most intimate people in their family, who also dressed the role of witnesses and bridesmaids, helping them in the preparation inside the beautiful rooms of the villa. After getting ready, it was time for the first look, something I always love to film, trying to capture all the emotions on the faces of the protagonists: in this case the first first look was Alyssa’s father’s, who saw her arriving dressed in white inside the villa, after the dress up.

His moved smile and their embrace was something impossible to describe in words. Just as beautiful was the moment when Elliot saw his bride come to him in the garden, and looked at her as if it was the first time.  The two decided to celebrate the wedding in the garden, with Lake Como as a backdrop and the trees to make shade in the warm Italian sun. A perfect atmosphere, with their love protagonist of the scene: not getting excited was impossible for everyone present and for the bride and groom, who said yes with tears in their eyes and with their voice broken from the emotion.

first meet with the dad of alyssa

Another extremely touching moment was also when they exchanged their promises, in which the two swore each other eternal love. It has definitely been a very emotional day, and I felt really honored to be a witness of this wonderful couple’s love.

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Elopement: freedom, intimacy and other strengths

The type of wedding chosen by Alyssa and Elliot has a precise name and characteristics. It is called Elopement, and is chosen in particular by those couples who want their special day to be as intimate and romantic as possible, and therefore do not like the idea of a too crowded. wedding. This type of celebration brings several advantages, especially from the organizational and practical side. A ceremony so reserved provides first of all the possibility, in many cases, not to address the figure of the wedding planner, since you do not have to organize the arrival of guests, lunch, and activities to be carried out with guests during the day.

This aspect allows the married couple greater freedom and autonomy in every single phase of the day. Not only can they peacefully decide how to mark the time of their big day, but they can also engage in romantic couple activities, such as hiking, picnics, photo sessions in pristine places or any other activity that suits their style and interests.

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Itineraries and experiences on Lake Como

In the Lake area there are many things to do: adventurous boat and helicopter rides to explore the area both by land and by sea; romantic dining  in restaurants of the highest quality where you can taste wines and traditional Italian food (or its revisitations in a contemporary key); enjoying a few hours of relax and pampering in one of the many magnificent spa with lake view that are nearby.

Personally, I think the most interesting and romantic thing you can do with your partner just after getting married is to enjoy long contemplative walks along the shores of the lake. It is precisely when the bride and groom manage to carve out time for themselves, after the ceremony, that they realize for the first time that they have just realized the dream of their life. It is a moment that I particularly like to capture with my videos, because it gives a very spontaneous and relaxed image of the couple, and in their looks you can really notice a particular light, that reflects the awareness of having by their side the person they desired for a lifetime.

The wedding video as a family heirloom

The video of your wedding is not only the visual testimony of the most important day of your life, it is a story being told. The shots, the camera movements, the editing and the music contribute to create a unique and original story, tailor-made for each newlywed couple.

Hiring a videographer is therefore the best investment that can be made to preserve a memory of inestimable value. This precious object becomes a treasure for the bride and groom, to be rediscovered at each anniversary, as a kind of machine that allows you to make a journey through time and space. As the years go by, watching and rewatching the video of your wedding becomes a kind of emotional ritual, a way to relive the laughter, the complicit looks and the enthusiasm of those intense moments, but also a way to keep alive the flame of passion and to appreciate the growth of your love over the years. Think about how important it is to have an object to pass on to your children and grandchildren, to tell them the story of your bond that resists the passing of time!

wedding in lake como, bellagio
Credits: Cristiana Fiorini

The wedding video also becomes an emotional bridge for relatives who could not be physically present at the ceremony: through the images, they can virtually participate in that special moment, sharing the joy and emotion of the day. If in the past there were photographs to play this role of memory, today there are videos, and as well as my parents still fondly remember the photographer who accompanied them on their wedding day, I too hope in some way to have entered, thanks to my videos, in the memories of the newborn family of Elliot and Alyssa.

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