Interview: Martina Iannuzzi Italian Wedding Photographer

With the wedding Italian photographer Martina Iannuzzi, I inaugurate this column of interviews, whose goal is to briefly present some of the photographers with whom I have the pleasure of collaborating more frequently in my works around Italy.

In this regard I realized a series of questions; let’s see which:


Hello Martina, nice to have you here. Let’s get straight to the point with the first question. How did you approach photography? Did you do anything before? 

Hello Francesco, my pleasure. Everything happened without knowing it, I always imagined a box that framed the things I saw, in my own way. I got confirmation of my love for photography after seeing for the first time through the lens of an old analog “Nikon M” belonged to my father. I graduated in Graphic Design, it’s my second passion and that’s what I did before I opened my photo studio.


Who inspired your photography? Who are your reference photographers?

Well, it’s simplistic to say that only a few names in international photography inspired my passion for images, or that it was only people who inspired me. I’m attracted to the things I see around me every day, but I definitely get lost in the books of: Vivian Maier; Irving Penn; Elliot Ervitt; Annie Leibovitz… and other.


What attracts your attention most in the subjects you photograph?

The moments when they are spontaneous, I try to catch them and make them mine… Their expressions, their looks, the movements they make when they think they’re not being filmed.


What would you recommend to those who have to choose a photographer for their wedding?

I would advise you to meet him whenever possible, to talk to him, to create a relationship of trust, of empathy. I would advise you to trust your instincts and, of course, your personal taste. A couple must be able to see each other in the photos of their special day, must be able to recognize themselves.


What is a wedding reportage and why do you prefer it to the classic posing photos?

For me it has always been just the wedding reportage, I could not tell a wedding differently. It is a set of feelings and emotions captured throughout the wedding day as if you were behind the scenes, without interfering with the events.

How do you get involved with the bride and groom?

I meet them for the first time, I listen to them, we compare and explain to them my way of working… and everything comes from itself.


Do you recommend photos, videos or both?

Absolutely both… I work with Francesco and I trust blindly in his choices regarding the video, and I can say with certainty that I was always surprised at his new work. The photo tells of moments that remain imprinted in the mind, and with the shooting of the video everything is completed in a perfect way.


In case someone is interested in seeing your work, where can they find it?

Some of my publications can be found on my Facebook page, Martina Iannuzzi Foto or on my Instagram, @berrymarti.


What advice would you give to the bride and groom so that their repotage is really special?

My advice is to choose photographer and vidiographer based on your personal taste, but it is important to consider the sensitivity of the person who will be your shadow that day, that will follow you step by step silently so as not to make you feel uncomfortable and make you enjoy all the moments without worries.
ps: you have to trust blindly the people to whom you entrust this task, because in this way you will see the maximum artistic expression of their work.


Thanks for your time, Marty!

Thanks to you Francesco and especially thanks for this interview.

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