Interview: Ilaria Marchione Italian Wedding Photographer

Today we are in the company of the italian wedding photographer Ilaria Marchione. Professional of the field that I have got to know and with which currently I collaborate to the north Italy and not only.

How did you approach photography? Did you do anything else before?

I grew up with an art-loving father.
Just imagine waking up one morning and having the walls of your house completely covered in paintings, one of those situations where you either fall in love with what’s around you or you feel suffocated.

Since I was a child I developed a strong predisposition to drawing, until I studied at the Art Institute of Reggio Emilia. My journey in the artistic world had just begun and at twenty years I painted my first paintings and took the first photographs with an analog Minolta. I have supported painting and photography for years, it was as if I could not take a well-defined path until, Because of my very instinctive and direct character, I devoted myself exclusively to photography as a passion. I always had a job to support me and my son, only in 2015 I made the decision that changed my life: I had started to make some marriage, at the beginning it was all a discovery, it was a completely unknown environment and I wanted to give myself the chance

For a year I kept my job and I did some service on the weekends off, until I found myself at a crossroads: either I continued to live with a secure salary giving up photography, or I made photography my job taking every risk. I chose the most uncertain path, but the only one that at that moment made me complete. Photography is still my greatest passion and my only work that is mainly focused on wedding services. Today I have the honor to be part of two important associations of matrimonial photographers with whom I have the opportunity to grow at a personal level and to deal with very good professionals.

Who inspired your photography? Who are your reference photographers?

I like photographers like Francesca Woodman, Michael Ackerman, Diane Arbus, Daido Moriyama, Vivian Maier, Sally Mann, Alain Laboile.


What would you recommend to those who have to choose a photographer for their wedding?

I recommend not to choose a photographer just because it is famous or because, another case increasingly popular, it costs little. Choose THE photographer, because seeing what he does you understand that he will be your photographer, will be who will stop time on your wedding day, will be who will be able to enter tiptoe in your lives and follow you step by step. It is not only the work of the photographer that distinguishes him from others, but also his person, his way of doing, his humanity and his professionalism. The photograph stays forever.

What is a wedding reportage and why do you prefer it to the classic posing photos?

I think the word Äwedding reportage” is used a bit ‘too much by everyone to define a style that is completely detached from the classic genre. But I think there is something very important that remains my point of view: the real reportage, the extreme one in which you work in absolute freedom, without planning anything, is not achievable for the duration of a wedding. Unless it’s requested by a couple. There are situations that must be managed, the most banal example are the couple sessions or family photos that can not miss. 

Surely if a photographer worked only and exclusively using the reportage, the customer would not be happy, so I think it is right to combine and merge this style with a parenthesis of ‘programmed photos’. I always remind couples of this aspect by clarifying well how I work: during the wedding, the couple does not have to worry about what the photographer does. It’s exactly the opposite for me: I’m the one who cares about what surrounds me and manage it to the best, just because I want the bride and groom to enjoy their day without thoughts.

How do you get involved with the bride and groom?

I always ask for a meeting to get to know us and to see my work live, unless a couple really lives far away. For me it is essential to create a certain empathy, because the wedding day is unique and all couples plan it many months before. I would never be able to work well without having established a minimum of relationship with the people I have to photograph on such a special day.

Do you recommend photos, videos or both?

For couples I recommend to add photography to the video: they are the only two things that remain forever.

In case someone is interested in seeing your work, where can they find it?

For more information about me you can follow my pages:

Web Site: www.ilariamarchione.com
IG: www.instagram.com/photofficina_creativa
Facebook: www.facebook.com/photofficinacreativa
Info e contatti:
Ilaria Marchione 331.7138090
E-Mail : info@ilariamarchione.com

What advice would you give to the bride and groom so that their repotage is really special?

I always recommend to be yourself, to enjoy the wedding day at its best, without thinking about anything and trying not to worry about the day, also because for this they have hired professionals.

Thanks for your time Ilaria.

Thanks to you Francesco for this wonderful opportunity.

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