the end of wedding in abbey of saint galgano

Wedding in Abbey of Saint Galgano: A Magic Place in Chiusdino

There is a lovely and dreamy place, a Cistercian Monastery filming location of Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1983 film “Nostalghia”. It was founded in the valley of the river Merse between the towns of Chiusdino and Monticiano. This wonderful place is much more than an area that conveys nostalgia, melancholy and a desire to meditate. It is a place that unites those who believe in love, which accompanies them in the construction

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wedding on isola del garda

An Intimate Wedding in Isola del Garda

The traditional music of a guitar, a violin and an accordion accompany the special day of a couple  who have decided to celebrate their love by immersing themselves in the magic of a bucolic landscape. Since time immemorial in literature and mythology, the island has represented a magical place, a perfect circle that encloses and protects, that contains a self-sufficient universe, a safe and complete place in itself. Isola del

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get married in tuscany

Why Get Married in Tuscany: 4 Reasons

Marriage is the most important day of one’s life, an indelible memory that remains etched forever in the mind and heart of those who live it. On that day everything must be extraordinary and perfect, with attention to the smallest details. Getting married in Tuscany is equivalent to experiencing a dream wedding, in a postcard: here are 4 valid reasons for choosing to organize your wedding in the land of

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Wedding Videographer in Tuscany

Are you looking for Wedding Videographer in Tuscany?  One of the first things to cross on your wedding to-do list is deciding where to get married. Once you’ve booked a wedding in a Tuscan venue, you can start looking for other essential wedding suppliers like catering, photographer and more. So how do you choose a wedding venue? What makes a wedding venue good? Since I deal with wedding videos I thought

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wedding video in sorrento

Love Story in Sorrento, Italy

The story of Francesco and Valeria is the story of two guys who know each other from elementary school but meet after many years and fall in love deeply, intensely, sincerely and without any filter. Valeria is a sensitive and refined girl and sees in Francesco his serenity, an extroverted boy and an eternal romantic who has eyes only for her, she above all. They choose to live the most

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Wedding in Villa Tantafera, Florence

Wedding in Florence: Beautiful wedding day in Villa Tantafera Today I want to tell you about this beautiful place where you can have your wedding in Florence. Villa Tantafera is certainly one of the most beautiful villa in Florence to celebrate your wedding. Dating back to the 15th century, this historic villa enjoys a beautiful hillside location with a superb view of Florence and the Tuscan countryside. It is only a few minutes away from the city

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10 Best places to get married in Italy [2022]

What is the best place to get married in Italy? Many couples who decide to get married in Italy ask this question and for this reason I decided to create an article that collects the most beautiful places to do wedding in Italy.  Thanks to its history, architecture and the beauty of nature, Italy is a perfect destination to celebrate your wedding. It’s a country that boasts an indescribable number

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Drone at the Wedding

“Do you also make drone videos?” I am often asked this question, my answer is “Yes, of course!”. Needless to say, today the aerial filming certainly offers a new and interesting point of view that enriches the wedding videos. One aspect that is often left out, however, is that of safety. Unfortunately, there are many freelance videomakers, who also use drone pilots without any license. In doing so, they put at risk not only

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“ We were so honored and blessed to have Francesco as our videographer. He truly knows how to capture the essence and moment in all of his work. I have not seen any videographer like him, he has a very unique style that is an artform only he can capture. On top of being the absolute best choice for a videographer he genuinely is a great guy, he was so

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aerial view of puglia

Wedding Videographer in Puglia

Are you looking for the best Wedding Videographer in Puglia ? If you have arrived on this page I am probably the right person to guide you through the magical places of this beautiful country on your wedding day. I

wedding in isola del garda

Wedding videographer in Lake Como

Are you looking for the best Wedding Videographer in Lake Como ? If you have arrived on this page I am probably the right person to guide you through the magical places of this beautiful country on your wedding day.

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